A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

S.W.A.P (Subterfuge Weapons Assessment Program) is an indirect first-person shooter for PC and Mac, featuring both online and LAN multiplayer, where players take control of robots without guns or any way to directly harm each other. No guns?! No direct harm?! How is that an FPS?

The player’s only 'weapon' allows them to exchange bodies with the opposing team. They don’t exchange teams or names, only their physical bodies (swapping). When combined with a multitude of traps in the environment, this allows players to disorient and destroy enemies, as well as traverse the arena with greater swiftness. 

Gameplay is multiplayer only, and supports up to 8 players in 2 teams, who star in a sporting-event inspired arena where they must compete to deliver virus fragments to the opponent’s base, eventually crashing their server (a modified capture-the-flag game type) It includes a level editor, allowing players to develop arenas that are automatically sent to all players when they join a match.

Install instructions

Installing S.W.A.P is as easy as running the .exe (Windows) or opening the .dmg (Mac), but if you have any problems, please contact us at support@chaostheorygames.com

You can find a developer's strategy guide at http://chaostheorygames.com/games/swap/strategy to familiarize yourself with general S.W.A.P tactics, and a full changelog / troubleshooting guide at http://chaostheorygames.com/games/swap/troubleshooting

If you would like to see S.W.A.P taken to the next level, please consider signing up at http://chaostheorygames.com/swap/signup to register your interest in crowdfunded development.


SWAP_Setup_1.0.0_WIN.exe 52 MB
SWAP_Setup_1.0.0_MAC.dmg 147 MB